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Overgas Inc. AD

А: 1407 Sofia, 5 Philip Kutev Str.
Т: +359 2 4283 283
F: +359 2 9621 724
Е: external@overgas.bg
W: www.overgas.bg

Overgas Inc. AD was established in 1992. Its main goal is to shape and develop Bulgarian gas market and to make natural gas accessible to Bulgarian citizens.

The company provides resources for the construction and operation of gas distribution networks. It is planning, financing and carrying into effect the complete cycle of marketing - designing – construction - operation - sale of natural gas and customer service.

Overgas Inc. AD carries out:

  •     Analysis, assessment and development of investment gas projects, ensuring their financing, as well as the management of the investment process
  •     Designing and turnkey construction of gas pipelines, gas distribution networks and installations
  •     Construction of heat and power engineering systems on natural gas
  •     Working out of projects for modernization, retrofit and construction of energy sites
  •     Marketing and feasibility studies, analysis, assessments and forecasts for the energy and gas market
  •     Development and implementation of advanced technologies, new products and services on the gas sector
  •     Management, maintenance and operation of gas distribution networks and installations
  •     Supply, distribution and sale of natural gas

The company is a major shareholder in 28 other companies.

The company controls interest in 5 gas distribution companies. Up to date the associated companies hold 10 licenses for natural gas distribution and  public supply of natural gas on the territory of 51 municipalities. Up to date over 2 200 km of gas supplying and gas distribution pipelines are built on that territory and over EUR 145 million are invested.

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